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Why does my Business need a website?

Do you own a business? If yes, then do you own a website for your business? Around two-thirds of the businesses are not having a website and are losing out on their clients. If you don’t have one, we can help you to have one to make your presence global.

Is it the only reason? Well definitely not, there is more than one reason for you to have a website showcasing your business.

Sure, the world is going digital, hence your customers look for you in the digital world and you need to be there when they look for you.

Most of the time business owners ask, mine is a small business, do I need to have a website and spend my budget on that when I am just starting?

The answer is a big YES!

Whether you are a start-up or small business or a successfully running business, you need a website and once we look at the reasons for that, you will reach out to us!

Top 10 reasons to have a business website.

  1. Authenticate your presence.

  2. Increases your Visibility & Branding

  3. Showcase your products/services/offers.

  4. Slowdown of social media outreach

  5. Let’s you sell online.

  6. Increases customer outreach and builds a connect.

  7. Increases your availability to your customers as the information is there online 24x7.

  8. Digital Marketing

  9. Your competitors have a website already.

  10. You own your site.

Let’s see them in detail.

1. Authenticate your presence

You own a business but not a website illustrating your portfolio, be it products or services, you are bound to lose customers’ trust. People spend long hours hunting for information regarding products and services and wish to see the information right in front of them and in today’s world, it is in the digital format.

Websites help you achieve that and increase your credibility thereby authenticating your business presence.

2. Increases your Visibility & Branding

How do your customers know your business?

30% of the customers will not entrust your business without a website. You might have WhatsApp groups and Facebook/Instagram pages, but they are just another medium that is used by other similar businesses.

To make you stand out and display your unique brand, your business website is a must. This proclaims your Brand and increases your visibility.

3. Showcase your products/services/offers

Customers tend to trust what they see and more you show, more its better. When your products and services details are available through your website using images, videos, customer reviews, blogs, etc they tend to stay longer on your site and explore more.

Engage the site audiences with a Subscribe or Sign in options.

These customers become your leads and will be happy to visit your site to get your service/product.

4. Slowdown of social media outreach

Statistics show that 60% of customers check Google My Business to search for a local business and look out for the business website to get more details.

A recent study shows that the amount of time people spend on Facebook/Instagram has reduced considerably over the years. Websites play an important role for all kinds of businesses, be it Institutes, Insurance, Cakes, or Pest control, and does not stick with e-commerce purposes.

5. Let’s you sell online

When you have a business website, it helps you to sell your products online and helps you connect more with your customers and their choices.

Businesses that had eCommerce websites during the recent COVID lockdowns thrived and businesses without that did suffer a considerable loss.

With the world going into hybrid mode on various channels, it’s good to have an eCommerce website to sell your products or services.

6. Increases customer outreach and builds a connection

The business website represents your brand and in turn talks about your values helping you connect with the customers.

Professionalism and social acceptance are demonstrated by exhibiting your customer reviews which help you in generating future leads.

70-80% of potential customers could be lost to businesses without a website.

7. Increases your availability

Your Portfolio website will possess all the vital information which includes your contact, profile, and portfolio, the basic things which a customer would be interested in.

This helps in reducing the clients whom you might miss out due to your unavailability.

It also imbibes trust with your brand which is vital for the leads to become your potential customers.

8. Digital Marketing

Marketing over digital platforms is highly beneficial as they target your potential customer base.

Websites prove highly profitable in marketing using Emails, subscriptions, blogs, abandoned cart retrievals, and discounts. These prove the best source of marketing helping provide the business growth and ROI.

9. Your competitors have a website

Looking around you will see many people owning a similar business like yours and most importantly with a website.

When customers look for a specific product/service, they might come across your competitor’s website where they have already established themselves building trust.

As a business, you have to understand that you stand to lose a potential client when that trust doesn’t get established with a website of your own.

10. You own your site

Sure, there are various mediums through which your business might be getting clients including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc.

We should understand that these could charge you for your business pages or slow down their business at some point in time.

These also have a cost associated with the ads running using them. When you have your website, it provides you with greater control over what you show and to whom you show it.

Your website is YOURS and can be modified or updated as you wish giving you greater flexibility.

Building a website does involve a cost but it is cheaper than running ads on various mediums. Ultimately through these mediums, you need to channel your customers to your website.

“If you have a website, it makes even your small business look BIG.”

If you are a business entity without a website, it’s time to have one NOW!!!

Contact Us for your business website creation or upgrades at an affordable cost.

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