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How does Digital Marketing Affect Consumer Behavior?

How many times have you seen an advertisement appearing on your Facebook Page and wondered how FB knew I searched for this product or service on Google?

Exactly, this is Digital Marketing. The organization providing products or services, like the one you are looking for, is making you aware that they exist!

Why do we need Digital Marketing?

Earlier when printing was invented, newspapers revolutionized the idea of information reaching a larger audience and organizations took to print media to showcase their products and services.

This still has a big reach and more often we do find ads in our newspaper that has an impact on our decision-making. Sadly, the newspaper industry has definitely taken a hit with the internet in our hands, bringing down their sales and thereby an increase in the advertising budgets.

The alternatives include radio, Television, and large hoardings in public places. These involve a very high cost and the return on this investment may not be matched and not all organizations will have the huge budgets which will be required to do marketing on these platforms.

In this scenario, we have our internet marketing or Digital marketing which is cost effective, and the entire world is your audience.

There were 658.0 million internet users in India in January 2022.

Kepios analysis indicates that internet users in India increased by 34 million with an increase of 5.4% between 2021 and 2022.

An IAMAI-Kantar Cube report suggests that the number of active internet users in the country is likely to grow nearly 45 percent to 900 million by 2025.

The number of internet users in rural India will be greater than in urban India by the year 2025, and the industries have to evolve to target this emerging demography.

What percent of marketing is digital?

Around 64.4% share went to the total expenditure on all marketing mediums last year compared to the projected 50%.

As the data above suggests that India has the largest growing digital market in the world.

Despite being affordable and having a wider reach, digital advertising has not yet overtaken conventional methods. With fast growing digital population, this trend is sure to change and is set to become the leading medium of advertising in future India.

What is consumer behaviour?

Consumers, who are constantly looking for products and services to suit their personal and business needs, show a pattern for the same. This is consumer behaviour and is essentially the purchasing patterns and decision processes of consumers.

Businesses spend a lot of effort, money, and time studying this behaviour to boost their sales and profit.

With this high percentage of market share let us see in a minute how digital marketing is changing consumer behaviour.

Top 10 reasons How digital marketing influences Consumer Behaviour

1. Global Outreach

Today you can buy or book anything from the comfort of your home.

People are aware of various brands and the reviews for the same too are available in the online forum. These make it easier for any consumer to pick and choose what they want with a mouse click.

2. Shop from anywhere

Literally, today you can shop any product or service from anywhere as long as the brand is available online.

The ads across various digital platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube make the consumer aware of their choices in the market and their pricing. The consumer has the choice to buy through various channels and isn’t bound to one medium.

3. Association with the Brand

Through the E-Mail marketing technique, the consumer is well informed of the offers and new products or services launched by the Organization.

They feel connected to the brand they might have chosen just once and always paves the way to reconnect with the brand.

4. Personalization

The ads of the products or services that appear on your digital platforms are uniquely catered to the needs and interests that you have shown on the web world over a period of time.

This influences your decision making and it meets your need and goal.

5. Purchase Support

The consumer buying pattern has changed consistently over time.

People are ready to buy expensive products or services as most retailers give interest-free installment options.

The affluence of paying later is an option every single consumer will be interested in.

6. Frequency of the Ads

The more often we see an advertisement for a particular brand, the more the human mind starts to trust the brand.

It is imperative to say that consumer develops a positive impression of the brand. The consumer becomes habitual with the ads and often chooses this brand to meet their needs.

7. Impulsive buying

The ads targeted at the right place, time, and to the perfect consumer with deals and discounts make the consumer buy the product or service impulsively.

8. Conscious customers

Consumers post both their positive and negative reviews on the brand pages and give a clearer knowledge about their products and services to potential customers.

They do complete research on the products before they are going to invest in them. Quick responses from the brands increase their positive outlook and brand visibility.

9. Influencer Marketing

When your favourite film or sports stars endorse a product, more likely that you tend to buy. When your friend or relative gives a good review about a product or service you choose to do the same. Their reviews and comments influence your decision-making.

10. Artificial Intelligence

Customer preferences are always complex. These can be automated using AI algorithms and show exactly what the customer wants and also things they never knew they wanted.

This influences what the customer might buy and further collect and study customer behaviour.

We have shared some of the many ways digital marketing has changed the way customers look at their brands. With the advent of advanced technology, customers have more control over their shopping experience.

However, for businesses, the same constant technological advances can help manipulate prospects' buying habits.

It will be very interesting to see how digital marketing will shape the future of consumption.

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